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     March 29, 2014

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The Statler Stitcher® utilizes computer software and hardware to operate a longarm quilting machine capable of stitching almost any design. A Gammill® machine equipped with Statler Stitcher® can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours instead of days, and is guided by the computer instead of by hand. The system can determine the pattern size, block size, stitches per inch, repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern.

Standard Features:

  • Breeze Track System
  • NEW! Progress bar shows activity in Echo, Fill, E2E, and RP
  • NEW! Improved Fill processing speed
  • NEW! Convert Pattern to trim or boundary no longer increases in size
  • NEW! F2 Virtual Stitchout now up to 50 times faster
  • Stitch-regulator in automated and hand-guided quilting
  • Interactive measuring function
  • Automatically or custom size patterns to fit any shaped block
  • Multi-functional keypad on the machine
  • Simple user interface with one-page display
  • Automatically calculates rows and repeats
  • Patterns can be modified in any imaginable way
  • Design your own patterns with the built-in tools
  • Use the computer to create beautiful echo patterns
  • Divide patterns and use the pieces to make new patterns
  • “What you see is what you quilt” technology

Complete System Includes:

  • Breeze Track System
  • Dell® computer, monitor and the Creative Studio 6™ software
  • User-friendly software, with on-board help system and interactive video tutorial
  • 974 digitized patterns with 328 designer patterns.
  •  Longarm Quilting Machine and 12′ Pivotal Access All-Steel Stand, fitted with all the necessary hardware and cables.
  • An accessory box, which includes:
    • 6 – “M” Style Bobbins
    • 1 – 4oz Plastic Oiler Bottle
    • 1 – Pkg (10) 4.0 Groz-Beckert Sharp Needles
    • 1 – Box Corsage Quilting Pins
    • 1 – Screw Driver Set
    • 1 – Hex Key Set
    • 1 – 3/32” Hex Wrench
    • 2 – 6,000 YD Cone (Dyed Natural) Permacore Thread

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