More Website News - New Products and Account Fixes

We were having issues with the website account signup process – so I changed it.  Now what happens is you create the account and the system emails me to verify that everything is correct and then send you a corresponding email.  That allows me to adjust the account setting for commercial / wholesale clients so they see the correct pricing while logged in.  Hopefully this will resolve all the problems we had with that aspect of the website. 😀

I have been working on the shipping issues but my Canada Post module still gives some funky numbers so I may have to find another one.  Rest assured I will get it sorted.

We have added a new product group for sale on the site: Pantographs!  Currently there is a small selection of customer favourites mostly from Willow Leaf Studios that can be challenging for Canadians to get reasonably: pantos are a nuisance to ship.  Hopefully having access to them here will make it easier for you to add to your collection.

Have a great day!

Our shop will be closed from May 13th through the 20th for the Gammill Statler Educational Event. Please email us and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Thank you. Dismiss